This type of Napalm was devised at Eglin Air force Base
in cooperation w/ Dow Chemical Co.'s Polystyrene Division.
You may know of polystyrene as 'Styrofoamí,
a synthetic resin made from ethylene.

 This gelís mixture is 50% 'Styrofoamí, 25% Benzine and 25% Gasoline.
Dow raised prices of itís Styrofoam in anticipation of military sales

Benzine is a flammable liquid used as a solvent for
waxes, resins, rubber and many other materials.

 Napalm-B burns 90 degrees C hotter than itís predecessor
(870 vs 960 degrees C) and also 3 times as long.

 Itís lower viscosity allows it to spread over a wider area.
It can burn bark off of trees quite easily.

 Napalm-B is also more stable in storage and the Styrofoam can be added
at the factory so the bomb only has to be filled w/ gasoline at the airbase.

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