I Told Ya'
The Drug War Was A Joke


Reuters gave Dollar Bill a break
and didn't mock the entire fraud that is the drug war.

Also no mention that Colombian peasants who allegedly
work w/ the drug lords get killed w/ U.S.-made weapons.

Mexico bank gets back funds siezed in U.S. sting

MONTERREY, Mexico, Sept 10 (Reuters)

A Mexican bank said U.S. authorities had given
back  the $1.7 million seized from the bank last year
in a sting operation aimed at cracking money laundering
operations involving Mexican bankers.

``They've just released (the funds),''
Grupo Financiero Banorte president Othon Ruiz told
Reuters in an interview late on Thursday in the northern
industrial city of Monterrey, where the bank is based. `
`It's been totally resolved.''

U.S. authorities seized $1.4 million from Banorte and $260,000 from
its Banpais unit in the sting operating known as Operation Casablanca.

In July the U.S. Justice Department withdrew its action
filed against Grupo Financiero Banorte, agreeing to
return the funds. No criminal charges were filed.

Operation Casablanca was the largest ever U.S. money
laundering sting and involved Mexican bankers being lured
to a weekend of gambling in Nevada and then arrested.

Mexican authorities were not informed of the
sting and as a result angrily protested what they
sawas a violation of Mexican sovereignty.

In March, two of Mexico's largest banks,
Grupo Bancomer and Banca Serfin pleaded
guilty in a U.S. court to laundering money
for cocaine cartels in Latin America.

A third bank, Banca Confia, whose assets were recently
purchased by Citibank (NYSE:C - news), agreed to a
civil resolution in which it did not admit criminal guilt
but forfeited $12.2 million seized by U.S. agents.

In June three mid-level Mexican bankers were found
guilty in U.S. federal court for laundering money for
the Cali, Colombia drug cartel as well as a narcotics
cartel based in the Mexican bordertown of
Ciudad Juarez, across from El Paso, Texas.


Boy does this all sound a lot like Operation Trifecta.

Thank the lord Reuters didn't tell us why the
U.S. wouldn't inform the Mexican authorities.

I would hate to think that the Mexican govt.
is completely corrupted by the drug cartels.